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Workwear and safety gear


We work with you, to ensure a safer work environment

We provide workwear and safety gear for all kind of work,

all over the world.



We care

We are an healthy company in growth and it is and will always be very important for us to run an ethical, environmental and sustainable business.

We always work very hard to maintain a fair business practice and we are a proud member of the DIEH - Danish Ethical Trade Initiative. 


Furthermore we run our business in accordance to the principles of the UN Global Compact.

We support an effort for continuous improvement within the human- and labour rights.

The most important principles and concerns to us is listed below.

Human- and labour rights for all employees.

We don't discriminate in employment of our workforce and we don't use child labour.

Minimum age of employment with us, is 15 years of age which follows the completion af ground school in Denmark.


We support the freedom to uphold right to association and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining.

No corruption.

At Codex Company ApS there is no room for any kind of corruption, extortion or bribery and we expect both our employees and our suppliers to work efter the same believes.


The environment is a very important to us and we expect all of our suppliers to have all the necessary permits for handling chemicals and other dangerous material in the process making of products.


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